Guide for Building Your Fashion Jewelry Collection

Guide for Building Your Fashion Jewelry Collection

  We’ve all been there, when we’re getting ready in the morning and we just can’t find that right piece of jewelry to complete our outfit. It can be totally frustrating, especially when you’re looking at a mountain of jewelry that you’ve spent time and energy acquiring and nothing seems to be the right fit. Whether its because you’re looking for something casual or rather something to pair with a more formal look, today’s “on-the-go” lifestyles have quickly transformed our jewelry wants and needs into a demand for fashion jewelry that is transformative and versatile to a variety of different occasions and circumstances within our lives. Between all of the hustle and bustle of our busy day-to-day lives, we often don’t have time to be sorting through piles of jewelry in the morning to find the right piece that will go with what we’re wearing. This fast-pace that has become an increasingly dominant element of many of our lifestyles over the past decade, and has placed a greater priority on fashion jewelry that has the ability to transform from a casual everyday look to something more high-fashion with nothing but a simple outfit change. However, many pieces of fashion jewelry are still designed without this need in mind and that can make building a versatile jewelry collection a frustrating and sometimes lengthy process as you try and search for pieces that not only suit your lifestyle but also reflect your personal style and unique taste. To help you start building your collection of versatile and fashionable jewelry, we’ve come up with a list of six things you should consider when making new jewelry purchases and building your dream collection.

What to Look for When Building a Versatile Fashion Jewelry Collection

Jewelry has the ability to completely transform a fashion look and when you’re working towards building a versatile jewelry collection there are a number of key elements that you should keep in mind when trying to decide on which pieces you should add to your chosen arsenal.

Consider Your Lifestyle Needs

First and foremost, when investing in jewelry, understanding the different places you will be able to wear a piece is probably the most important factor you should consider. There’s nothing worse than investing in something new, only to find that you never have the right occasion to wear it. In today’s society our lifestyles have becoming more and more fast-paced and mobile and as a result the fashion choices we make have shifted in a similar direction as well. Now more than ever we place a premium on being able to adapt the things in our closet to meet different needs and this most definitely extends into our jewelry choices as well. Today, jewelry trends gravitate towards pieces that can be paired quickly and easily with wardrobe choices, and this ability to match our jewelry with different lifestyle needs is becoming an increasingly prominent focal point in purchasing decisions when it comes to fashion jewelry. We’re seeing it more and more whether its with boutique jewellers or major fashion chains, consumer demand is quickly gravitating towards options that can easily be transformed from daytime to nighttime looks. Its important to consider when investing in a new piece whether you can dress it up for an evening look or special event just as much considering whether or not you can dress it down for a weekend brunch with friends or a casual work day. Often times, the most used items in our collections are the ones that can work as both. Assessing how a jewelry piece will fit in with your lifestyle is the primary consideration you should take when purchasing a new piece of fashion jewelry to add to your collection. And with this in mind, customer lifestyle is something that Two A has placed at the forefront of design in creating our collection of bohemian-inspired fashion jewelry. The natural tones and recycled materials used in our pieces work to place a focus on the everyday while creating unique shapes and designs that can take a look from casual to high-fashion easily, allowing our customers to create and complete the perfect look no matter what the occasion in their life.

Can the Pieces Be Mixed and Matched with One Another?

Beyond deciding whether or not a piece of jewelry is the right fit for your lifestyle, having the ability to mix and match items in your collection is another important element to consider when selecting new jewelry pieces. For many of us, we already have pieces of jewelry within our collections that serve as our go-to’s on a regular basis, and in our day-to-day lives and being able to mix, match and pair these items with new additions can make or break a new purchasing decision. Some things to consider when selecting pieces that can be easily mixed and matched are colour, shape and material as all of these factors can have a dramatic effect on the overall look and style of a piece of jewelry. Consider not only the colours and styles that already exist within your collection but also the looks that you would like to invest in in the future. How will this new jewelry look when paired with these other pieces? In addition to considering the look and style of the jewelry its also important to evaluate how a new piece will go with your wardrobe.

  • What colours do you normally wear?
  • What silhouettes are you looking to pair new jewelry with?

These are all important things to think about when building your collection. Within Two A’s collection of jewelry, no collection of pieces provides this ability to mix and match quite like our resin jewelry. To provide a little background, resin jewelry is created by pouring a form of liquid resin into a mold and allowing that resin to harden and take shape. Resin jewelry provides an immense amount of versatility in its design as there are a wide range of resin molds available that can change and develop the overall look and style of the finished product. Additionally, through further considerations the surface of the mold can be designed and altered to enhance the final outcome of the product and provide a range of different appearances to the finished jewelry. In Two A’s collection this resin technique is used to recreate natural stone shapes that are both realistic while maintaining a smooth, sleek and overall modern design. While echoing the look of realistic natural stone, our resin jewelry collection takes advantage of the ability to mold and form elements with intention, to create pieces that focus on looking clean and compressed while still offering a bohemian look reminiscent of the natural world. It is this clean and smooth design that truly gives these resin pieces the versatility needed to keep up with on-the-go lifestyles and truly provide the ability to mix and match with other jewelry pieces both natural and colourful alike.

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Consider Seasonal Changes and Their Effects

Once you’ve decided whether or not a piece will fit with your lifestyle needs and established how the jewelry can be mixed and matched with other pieces in your collection, it’s important to consider seasonal factors which can greatly effect your style choices throughout the calendar year. For instance, often we put away the brighter and bolder colours in the fall and winter months and swap them out instead for more cool tones like burgundy, navy and blacks. However, when the summer months come we frequently gravitate towards more vibrant colour choices which can dramatically change our jewelry needs and the type of looks and styles we are looking to create. Neutral tones provide a great option for developing a jewelry collection that is able to withstand the changing seasons and the effects these shifts can have on your wardrobes. Neutral colours allow pieces to pair easily with a wide range of different colours found in our wardrobe choices, complimenting the bright colour bursts of spring and summer while equally flattering the darker, cooler shades that coincide with the fall and winter months. Inspired by the Mediterranean coast as well as the prominence of urban-living that dominates many women’s lifestyles today, Two A Jewelry’s collection seeks to meld together sleek, smooth geometric design with elements and colour tones of the natural world. These natural tones provide opportunity to utilize these pieces all year round as the neutral colour scheme used in many of our pieces compliments a wide range of options on the colour spectrum allowing it to easily pair with a huge variety of seasonal style choices.


Another key consideration to make when adding to your jewelry collection is price-point. In fact, deciding whether or not a piece is affordable within your own personal budget might be the first thing you think about when choosing whether or not to purchase a new piece. Whether you’re looking to invest in a more expensive piece or shopping for a cheaper option to complete a look, cost can weigh heavily on a buying decision. When investing in a piece that is more expensive, versatility is perhaps one of the most important things to keep in mind when making the final decision on whether or not to make a purchase. Breaking the bank on a statement piece that will only go with a small portion of your wardrobe or fit within a tiny part of your lifestyle is a regrettable and often easy mistake to make. How many times have we all made a snap buying decision on a piece of clothing only to find that we never have the right opportunity to wear it and it sits in our closets for ages before finally hitting the donate pile? Well, the same thing can go for jewelry and when you’re investing in a piece with a higher price tag, its important to consider the frequency you’ll be able to wear it and whether its versatility makes it a worthy investment for your collection.

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Does the Piece Work as a Solo Statement?

Throughout history jewelry has been used time and time again as a means of finishing or polishing off the final look of an outfit. Experts in the industry frequently recommend that when building your own fashion jewelry collection, a focus should be placed on acquiring pieces that are both timeless and versatile as well as a smaller assortment of statement pieces that work to grab attention while offering a reflection of your own personal style and taste. While its important to build a collection of jewelry that can be easily mixed and matched both with each other as well as different clothing pieces in your wardrobe, its also important to consider how a piece will stand alone when completing an outfit. Some days we don’t have time to mix, match and pair pieces in our jewelry collection. Having pieces that can stand alone without the assistance of other accessories while still grabbing the attention of those around us are important to have in your arsenal of jewelry. This is where Two A Jewelry excels. Not only do our pieces offer versatility in matte and natural colour tones that pair easily with a wide range of wardrobe choices as well as other fashion jewelry pieces, but their unique shape and distinctive take on blending natural pieces with geometric and modern craftsmanship allow them to function as high-fashion statement pieces as well. Whether you’re looking for a piece that can stand alone or a piece that can be easily mixed with other jewelry and accessories within your collection, Two A is designed with these needs in mind and offers options that will suit your wants and assist in building the versatile and adaptable collection you are dreaming of.

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  • Does the Piece Reflect Who You Are?

Lastly, but certainly not least in importance, its key to consider how a new piece of jewelry makes you feel.

  • Does the piece reflect your other style choices?
  • Do the materials, colours and shapes used in the piece blend well with other jewelry and accessories in your collection?
  • Does the ideology of the designers align with your own beliefs, interests and values?

Fashion truly is one of the purest forms of personal expression and making choices that reflect not only your tastes and interests but also your beliefs and values is incredibly important when working to build a style and personal brand that is both versatile as well as reflective of the person you are. This is something we truly stand by at Two A and has become a driving force behind the quality, craftsmanship and design that goes into creating each and every one of our fashion jewelry pieces. Founded by long-term friends and designers Ayana Fishman and Anat Shapira, Two A was created with the idea of blending eccentric bohemian jewelry design with organic eco-materials that reflect the natural world while combining it with sleek, geometric and modern design. Whether its pieces of coral, textile fragments or sections salvaged from coconut shells, here at Two A we strive to create a polished and unique look that embodies strength, femininity and the natural world. The Two A standard values a commitment to the environment and as a result we maintain a strong focus on the environment, recycling, repurposing and using natural materials wherever possible in our design. Here at Two A we truly believe in the value that comes with recycling and recreation and the ways in which that can lead to evolution, development and unique creation, and that is something that is truly reflected in everything that we do and design.

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The Benefits of a Versatile Jewelry Collection

With all of these considerations in mind, its clear that a versatile jewelry collection is becoming an increasingly important trend within the fashion and jewelry world. With busy on-the-go lifestyles becoming a more and more prominent element of many women’s lives, its important to have pieces in your collection that can be easily mixed and matched as well as stand alone while reflecting your own personal style. While building a good versatile collection that can be easily adapted to your different lifestyle needs can often seem like a daunting task, pairing yourself with the right designers and an understanding of your own personal needs can be the perfect way to begin building the collection of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a new statement piece or more neutral jewelry that can be easily paired with the rest of your collection, Two A is designed with every woman in mind.

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