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About Two A Jewelry

Two A Jewelry is a beautifully eccentric jewelry line that seamlessly combines organic eco-materials with industrial metals to create a striking and fresh spin on Bohemian-Chic.

Founded by designer Ayana Fishman, Two A is a unique, beautiful and glamorously intimate collaboration that has become an international success.

By skillfully fusing materials such as coral, textiles, tagua and coconut shells with a variety of finely crafted metals, the design duo has fashioned a unique look that perfectly compliments both everyday and high-fashion styles.

Inspired by both the serene Mediterranean seashores and the bustle of the urban city, the result in a style that is extremely personal and that has a foundation in both the luxuriousness of the old world and the clean lines of the new.

Two A is both contemporary and classic. It combines shapes and textures in delightful, bold and innovative ways to create a visual feast that is unique, exceptional and distinctive.

Two A believes in a practical message that focuses on clean, compressed design and one that is exceptionally polished, strong and feminine.

Our  Fashion Jewelry

Our approach to the assembly of our jewelry focuses on geometric shapes and the contrast between the flowing amorphic lines of the natural environment and the sharp and blunt geometric forms of the urban world.

Two A frequently breaks and rebuilds anew the combinations between materials and techniques, resulting in a final product that is raw, sensual, and organic.

Our jewelry creations are filled with a great sensitivity to the smallest of elements that pamper and caress the wearer.

Two A believes in the empowerment of the material and its recreation time and time again. This results in a constantly evolving language of shape and form that is in its essence playful and yet dominant. These themes are carried forward from one Two A collection to the next.

Two A has adopted a visual language with a new and different interpretation of the term “natural.”  This aesthetic, with its comfortable and loose lines that accompany the silhouette of the female body in a flattering and caressing manner, convey large motifs that are rounded: both full and empty; both raw and sculpted.

Two A maintains a strong focus on the environment, recycling and the use of natural materials.

Two A Jewelry is available at the designers’ studio or at selected stores in Canada, US, UK, South Africa and Israel. Please contact us for more information.