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  1. Long Black Stick Necklace

    Long Black Stick Necklace

    This long necklace features a series of elongated black sticks separated by silver plated metal. It provides a radiant and sophisticated look that is very comfortable to wear, making it the perfect addition to any casual outfit.
  2. Double C Bracelet- Cream W Silver

    Double C Bracelet- Cream W Silver

    This wrap-around bracelet is comfortable yet durable. The highlight is the funky silver color plated pipes that hang from light grey colored cotton and nylon.
  3. Tiny Beads Double  C Bracelet

    Tiny Beads Double C Bracelet

    This is a truly delightful piece that makes a strong statement. It features small metal casting beads plated in silver coloring and it will truly complete your chic and stylish look.

3 Item(s)