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  1. Ashley Bracelet- Black W Silver

    Ashley Bracelet- Black W Silver

    Square-shaped metal pipes plated in silver coloring make this wrap-around bracelet an iconic choice. It's perfect for both elegant and casual fashions.
  2. Ashley Bracelet- Black W Gold

    Ashley Bracelet- Black W Gold

    Chic styling and unique construction make this artistic bracelet the perfect complement to any wardrobe. You'll love how the matte gold plated pipes attract attention.
  3. Partial Wave Bracelet- Silver

    Partial Wave Bracelet- Silver

    Wave-shaped metal castings are plated in silver coloring, making this bracelet a true sight to behold. You'll want to wear it with everything you own!
  4. Partial Wave Bracelet- Gold

    Partial Wave Bracelet- Gold

    This is truly a versatile bracelet that goes with everything. Matte gold color plated waves and a durable resin magnetic clasp make this a true standout in any collection.
  5. Resin Bangle- Black

    Resin Bangle- Black

    This hoop bracelet can be worn in a limitless number of ways. It looks dashing on its own, but it also matches well with many other bracelets. Made of beautiful matte black resin.
  6. Rubber Stone Bracelet- Black W Silver

    Rubber Stone Bracelet- Black W Silver

    An interesting and stylish bracelet, this piece is highlighted by metal stone shaped castings plated in silver coloring. This chic piece adds charm to any look.

6 Item(s)